About us

Arm Candy by K. Simonne was created in December of 2005 in my living room. A brand new home owner and a single parent, I didn't have much money for Christmas gifts that year.  I remember driving pass a craft store that had gigantic pink zippered tote bags with blue handles deeply discounted for $1.00! I bought all of the tote bags they had, blue glitter, alphabet stencils and glue. I went home and got to work,  lol! The end result was personalized bags with  monograms on them. The totes were a big hit! Some of my family members still use theirs in 2018! 

In 2015, I turned my hobby into a business. What makes Arm Candy by K.Simonne tote bags unique is that every tote bag is custom created for each customer. If you can think it,  we can design it.  

Our company is small but multi generational.  Every age group is represented in the makeup of our staff which has proven to be valuable in keeping our designs current, relevant and ever expanding.  Since the start of the company,  our inventory has grown to include messenger bags,  backpacks,  sneakers,  tops, bottoms, jackets and caps.  If there is something that you want custom created that is not listed on our website,  please contact us and we will let you know if we can accommodate you! 


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